Who am I and why should you read my blog

Passive Income Simplified is a website started by me, Kaizer Md Amin, to help you understand the basics of the financial markets so that you can become a smart investor instead of blindly following stock market tips and advice.


The subject of finance is both exciting and terrifying at the same time. You can feel its omnipotence everywhere. You know that a proper understanding of this subject can make your life more exciting. Once you realize how the market works and behaves, you can discover new ways to generate income from your ideas.


But the challenge is that you don’t understand it fully and people are terrified of anything they can’t understand. You know that proven strategies exist which successful geniuses have used and still use repeatedly to generate passive as well as active income, yet you can’t learn or use those strategies.


The first reason for this is that some people don’t even have the will to improve their financial situation. They are content with what they have. But that is not the reason for your lagging. Because if it was, you won’t be reading this page right now. The reason you are lagging is because no one told you from where to start and how to continue to build momentum.

I created this blog just to do that. To help you get started, to teach you how to read numbers and help you to analyze useful information to simplify your decision-making process. If you would love to improve your lifestyle by applying your knowledge smartly then you are in the right place.

What will you get out of my blog posts

There are loads of technical information about finance on the internet, but it is difficult to understand which ones are important for you. My job is to help you understand the basics that will be beneficial for you.


The posts that are published in this blog will upgrade your financial knowledge and help you take wiser decisions in matters related to your finances, all by yourself. It doesn’t matter if you know very little or nothing about the financial markets. I will help you to get started from “Level – 0” (Level Zero) and guide you through the dense forest of financial terms.


Most of all, I am building a community of financially smart people. Here, someone who has already crossed the same financial-roadblock where you are stuck now can help you to cross yours.

But, I won’t be providing any stock tips or financial advice. My goal is to educate you for the long-term and not to provide random tips or advice. I may be using examples in my blog to illustrate my point. So don’t consider them as stock recommendations. This blog is solely for educational purposes only.


My blog posts will let you start learning at a pace you are comfortable with. Take your time. It’s not an exam. Read the posts and try to understand the concepts. If there is anything which seems too complicated to understand, let me know at askkaizer@passiveincomesimplified.com or you can ask me on my Facebook Page. I will try to simplify it.

Why does my blog have credibility

The way I work with my own finances is that I “learn” first. After that, I “apply” them. If it fails, I “learn again and improvise”. I repeat this cycle until it finally works out. It sounds really easy, right? It isn't. Because your mistakes may cost you a huge amount of money.


I have already made my share of mistakes when I was just starting out in the share market. I wished that someone was there to guide me during my tough times. It took me nearly one year to know the important stock market terms, correct my mistakes and understand how the market behaves before I started making money profitably.


This blog will help you to reduce your learning curve. You don’t have to repeat the mistakes I have made. I may not be the best, but I can help you to build your financial knowledge faster. I want to share my experiences with you along the way so that you don’t feel helpless and lonely in the pursuit of a better lifestyle.

How did this site get started

It was my second year in Jadavpur University when I was introduced to the concept of network marketing by my seniors. From that time onwards I gradually came to realize that finance is not a different subject, it’s a part of life. I started reading books on personal finance like “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, “Cashflow Quadrant”, “Guide to Investing” and several others.

Although I am not in the field of network marketing anymore, but financial education has helped me see a completely different world. Gradually I started venturing into other areas of finance and it was finally the stock market that grabbed my attention. I wanted to teach people what I knew so that it could help them. So I started experimenting with my own finances. I started to trade in the stock market, watched how the market behaves with changes in news and learned more about fundamental and technical investing. But except for a few of my relatives and friends, I was unable to share my knowledge with the rest of the world. That’s when I came up with the idea of my own blog. It took me a while but I eventually created “www.passiveincomesimplified.com”.

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Kaizer Md Amin

Affiliate Disclaimer

As I prefer to keep the purpose of my website transparent with my readers I would like you to know that www.passiveincomesimplified.com is a for-profit website. So, most of the links that you find on my website are affiliate links. While some may not be but just to be on the safe side it is better to assume that all outbound links are affiliate links. If you click on any affiliate link to buy something you don't have to pay anything extra for the product/service. I will get just a commission for referring you the product/service at no extra cost to you. I will try to keep you updated and help you grow through my blog posts. So, keep reading. Thanks for supporting me and my work.