"That is a good book which is opened with expectation and closed with profit." – Amos Bronson Alcott

Personal Finance

This is the very first book I read on personal finance. This book can save you from "financial cancer" and turn your life upside-down. It was also listed on "The New York Times" bestseller list. Though it is not specifically for investing or stock market, no matter what you do, what your age is and where you live, you should give this book a read.
"Rich Dad Poor Dad is a starting point for anyone looking to gain control of their financial future." - USA TODAY

If you are worried about your own finance and want to know whether you can live life differently than what you are living now, this book can show you the way.  This book elaborately explains the different professions that people pursue. It extrapolates what type of life and future you can have depending on the profession you choose. It gives you detailed explanation of the benefits you can get from the Big-business and Investor quadrants instead of being in the Employee and Small-business quadrants. 

It is an extension of Rich Dad Poor Dad and focuses mainly on the advantages and disadvantages of the different professions. 


Fundamental Analysis

 If you are a beginner in the stock market and you don't know how to make money from the stock market, this book will provide you with a head-start.  The best part about this book is that it teaches you complicated financial terms in a layman's language. It also has a touch on personal finance which can put you in a much better position compared to other rookie traders. It will help you distinguish between a trader and investor and whether you should focus on capital gain or dividends.

Andy Tanner is the go-to guy for Robert T. Kiyosaki in the case of stock market investments.

This is the book which inspired Warren Buffett to study in Columbia Graduate Business School under the mentorship of Benjamin Graham, the author of this book. Ben Graham is also considered as one of the first professional financial analyst. If you want to become a superior investor then you can't overlook the book which motivated the world's best investor. Warren Buffett made some refinements in the original ideas of Graham for investing. But the foundation created by Graham should be your starting point to become a fabulous investor.

This book is for anyone who wants to become a classy investor and make the most out of his/her investments. 

If you are really serious about investing your money in the stock market, then Warren Buffett is a man you can't afford to neglect. Nearly six decades of magnificent value investing experience, including the selection of right stocks and psychology during market uncertainty, are all summed up in this book.

If you are a long-term investor or are planning to be one, this book can become your guide for successful and profitable investments. 


Technical Analysis

If you are determined to become a formidable short-term trader, chart patterns should be your first tool of choice. This book can help you identify patterns and trends with precise accuracy and increase your chances of making profits. It contains more than 40 indispensable chart formations and also explains how to trade them to maximize your profits

Thomas N. Bulkowski has nearly 25 years of experience as a professional trader. He explains how to exactly use chart patterns to make real money from trading for both new and seasoned traders. It also includes supplementary ETF and Mutual Fund charts.

This book contains more than 50 chart patterns and 10 event patterns. So whatever chart pattern you come across while trading may be already present in this book. If you have this book with you, you can easily identify a pattern and determine its success or failure rate. It not only gives detailed trading tactics to maximize profits and minimize risks but also guides you to avoid patterns that may fail.

Here, Bulkowski provides enough statistics to evaluate the performance of any chart pattern in any type of market condition(bull or bear). If you are a technical investor or trader and you don't have this book then you are throwing darts in the dark.

This book contains more than 100 candlestick chart patterns with their identification guidelines and performance data. If you are a trader or investor using candlestick charts on a regular basis this book can help you find tradable candlestick patterns in both bull and bear markets.

Thomas Bulkowski backs up his findings with strong statistical data instead of giving just personal opinions which make this book a must-read for both novice and expert traders.

If you are a part-time trader or you make a living out of trading, this book has a decisive factor in your success. This book focuses on the three M's of trading - Mind, Method, and Money which decides whether you will make consistent profits from the stock market or not.

If you are an Intraday trader or a Short-term trader and you lose money more than you make it, this is the book you must read. It will bring you back on track if you strictly follow what is written in it. In case, you are just beginning to trade, complete reading this book without delay. It will save you a lot of pain and money.

Dr. Alexander Elder is  a world-class professional trader and technical analyst, besides being a psychiatrist.